Monday, June 1, 2015

May's Budget Review

First things first, I have to confess I wasn't entirely up to date on my expenses in May for two reasons. First one, my boyfriend came back from China, so now it's a two person's budget. Second, I was in China to 9 days. This makes it hard to keep a real expense. Refer to my other post on my trip to China here. 

Overall, I do want to share a few accomplishments I achieved in May. 

  1.  I converted my 5 year fixed rate mortgage to a variable rate mortgage. This conversion lowers my weekly contribution by $40.
  2.  I applied for a BMO's credit card. Annual fee is waived, gives around $300 in travel credits as a welcome bonus, and 4 airport lounge passes.
  3. I do feel like I'm pretty resourceful in terms of my spending this month. I did not make any necessary purchases. Though, I do not have complete stats to support this. L
  4.  We resume our second car's insurance. This is an additional expense.

I will do a better job next month!

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