Sunday, February 8, 2015

Budget overview for the week ending Feb. 8 2015

I'm crying...
How can I spend $1884 in one week???? How did I achieve it??? How???

Total of my fixed expense is:

Mortgage + Property Tax + Internet + Public Transit + Utilities = 1332.91

This represents 70.21% of my total weekly expense.

This is too high!!

I have to think of a way to cut this fixed expense down...but how???

My variable expense for this week is:

Food + Gas + Other = 561.19

This represents 29.79% of my total expense for this week.

Honestly, I feel $100 per week for food is reasonable, and I can probably use this amount of gas for month.

The only thing I'm surprised is Other.

I bought facial products in the past 2 days. I already promised my self not to buy any facial products until I use up my stockings, but once again, something happened to me at that particular moment and I just bought it!!!!

ARhhh...this online shopping behavior has to stop!!!!

I'm going to face a wall now, to punish myself.

How much have you spent for the week? Is there anything you regret from purchasing?


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