Sunday, February 1, 2015

Budget overview for the week ending Jan. 31 2015

Yay!!! Finished first month of 2015!

What?? First month is finished already???

There's 11/12 months to go now.

Budget review of my first month:

1. I'm spend over my budget!!! Over budget by $730.94. This is something I never really thought about. I never thought I have so many things to buy. I'm definitely short on the category of other.

2. For the last week of January, I had to pay for a visa application which cost around $145. I also purchased a eye brow pencil because I forgot to bring one to work. Even though I have so many at home already. Better planning would have eliminated this expense. This is one lesson I need to learn and remember for the future.

3. Food is the biggest over expense category for this month. I can explain. As I mentioned before, due to some personal factors, I took out my friends to eat a couple of times which is why I spend so much on food this week.

4. No savings this month. How can I save some money???

Any thoughts on how I can save money?

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