Sunday, January 25, 2015

Budget overview for the week ending Jan. 25 2015

I'm going to cry this week. I'm over budget by soooo much. I started tracking my expense last year, but never did any budget. I would just post my expenses into an app, but looking at the actual expense by category and really dig into where my money went is a pain. Especially looking at this chart, it makes me wanna cry.

I know I'm not suppose to not pay my cell bill for 2 month and they charged me over $10 in late payment charges. That's enough for a few coffee at Starbucks. Hopefully, this is never ever going to happen again.

The next major expense this month is food. I know it looks like a lot. For some good reason, I'm taking my friends out for lunch/dinner, which is the reason for the high food bill.

The other surprising expense is Other. I only learned now, I spend so much on unexpected items.

I would highly recommend doing this kind of budget/expense analysis for EVERYBODY because it really helps to stay on top of your spending!

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