Sunday, January 11, 2015

Personal Investment Goal for 2015

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This will be an ongoing thread, I'm still debating on what to invest for this year.

Some background info about me. I have been in the financial industry since 2012. I have an undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. After I obtained my undergraduate degree, I pass all three levels of the CFA exam. For 2014, I have also passed level 1 of the FRM exam.

I have a strong interest in investment. Ever since I was in university, I continued to follow market news, financial blogs, and personal investment. Since I graduate, my investment has always been in Savings account, earning a minimal interest rate around 1%. My goal for 2015 and beyond is to build my personal investment portfolio.

Currently, I'm analysing the market, and I have a strong feel 2015 will not be a rewarding year in the stock market or the bond market. Thus, my money is still in Savings account earning the minimum interest rate. I have a fear of the market.

Ever since the big crush in 2008, the stock market has recovered so well, but not on sound economic reasons. The stock market increase is mainly due to US printing money, namely US QE. With QE ending in the last quarter of 2014, I have a strong feel the market is going to go under in 2015.

As we can see, stock market has been negative for the first week of 2015, and I feel this trend will continue. Thus, for those of you whose starting to invest, I strongly recommend to hold your cash for at least a few months, and see how the market will react in the next few months.

I truly believe US economy is in big trouble, and the only way to save the economy is going to war. I'll not be surprised if US will go to war this year.

More thoughts later...

Wish everyone a successful year!

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