Saturday, January 10, 2015

Budget overview for the week ending Jan. 10 2015

Worrisome week!

First complete week to record my budget and I'm all ready negative in two categories! For gas, I swear I didn't use this much, but it just so happened my gas tank was empty and I wanted to fill up the whole gas tank. For $50 bucks it's still not filled up but I managed to stop at this mark.

As for the Other category, I must say I'm a little guilty on in this. The story is I was browsing on redflagdeals and I saw a post for Costco T3 Hairdryer for $100. I got so excited, I'm like this is a must have!!! I have read reviews on this hair drying over the years, and it cost over $200 over Sephora. I thought this is a good deal, why not grab it?! So I did, and here goes another $113. 

This is the only the first full week of January, and there's another three weeks to go.

Not sure how I'm going to survive. If I did this kind of budget last year for any month, I know I would go insane. Just because! Extra spending every month on things that's not a necessity but based on spontaneous desire. This is the top one priority for me this year, cut all unnecessary spending. I know it's going to be a pain, I'm already feeling this pain. 

Good thing is I'm under budget on food? I bought some fruits (banana + apple) and eggs for this week and I'm going to eat out on Sunday. Will see how much it will cost tomorrow. 

Update Jan. 10 2015
I went out for brunch today with some friends, and spend $20. Also went to Costco to buy lemon and honey cost another $15. I'm going to make some lemon honey drink, more on this later.

Overall...expensive week. :( 

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