Sunday, January 4, 2015

Budget overview for the week ending Jan. 4 2015

Budget overview for the week ending Jan. 4 2015


         Jan. 4 2015
Mortgage 2000 397.55
Food 300 123.57
Internet + Cell 110.74 0
Insurance 576.79 0
Public Transit 255.45 15.04
Gas 30 0
Cloth 200 56.49
Utilities 100 0
Other 50 28.32
Total 3622.98 620.97

The is the first time ever I'm creating a budget for myself.

My goal is to keep monthly budget under $4000. This is for a single person and $2000 goes to mortgage. 

Since I'm on a weekly payment plan, the mortgage amount might be lower depending on the number of payment dates per month.

For the first half week of 2015, I'm a little bit nervous on the food section, where I'm almost hitting the half mark of my budget. 

On the other hand, I only have a rough idea on utilities. Based on what I remember, my bills come every two month for electricity and water??? Rental for water heater comes monthly and it will be part of my utilities budget. Will find out more later. 

Hopefully, I'll be on budget to save some money towards more mortgage payment!

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