Saturday, January 10, 2015

About Career

My co-worker always stresses on 'control'.

Being in control means stay on top of everything. When something is going into a direction you don't like, act on it, and try to change the direction in favour of you. You can stay on top of things and make it manageable.

Of course, there are many tricks to play.

Need to build a team, find a team of people to work with. Ask favours, know they are on your side.

You can't change the environment, so make best use of it. I agree with this point, there's no perfect environment. Every where you go, there's something you don't like. But, when working, make sure to find your goal. Know what you want to get out of your current job, and grab every opportunity to fulfil your goal.

Salary is a tough topic. I'm sure everybody would like to earn more. Try to negotiate to get your salary increased every year. So you are more energetic to work! Even if you didn't get any increase, it's still a good experience to learn.

Try to think from other people's point of view, and imagine what you would do if you are him/her. Do some role playing and keep on practising, eventually, you will be in their role.

For me, I appreciate all the people I have met last year. The opportunity and support I got from my job has taught me a great deal of things. I have accomplished to finish another project, and the feedback from user is very positive. I'm grateful to the PM who give me an opportunity to perform as I wished.

I travelled a lot last year. More on this later.

For 2015, I wish to advance my career to another level and learn from mistakes!

Hope all the best to all of you, let's have a successful and rewarding year together.

I'll be keep track of major events here, and would love to see your story!

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